Frequent movers are well-aware of the inconvenience that large and massive furniture pieces are capable of causing. Relocating heavy furniture, which takes up plenty of space on pricey moving vehicles, require a great deal of time and effort. In the age of renting and travelling, easy-to-move furniture is a new luxury. To help you, we have compiled a list of some must-have chic furniture articles for your temporary homes.


Multi-purpose and portable daybeds have been gaining significant prominence for all the right reasons. The compact twin daybed will fit anywhere in your home and act as a couch, until it’s doubled up as a bed. This dual furniture offers immense comfort and weighs way less than a sofa.

Light Headboard

We get it, moving beds is a pain. To avoid carrying box springs wherever they go, frequent movers often stick to using simple platform beds. Do you back a favour and purchase a lightweight wicker or rattan headboard? The materials are significantly lighter than iron.

Stool Tables and Love seats

Having different pieces of furniture to suffice the purposes of seating, footrests, tables, and coffee tables can become cumbersome. Luckily, small and light furniture with stable surfaces, such as ottomans and small stools, can be utilized in different ways.

Love seats are also very convenient. They can fit in the smallest of rooms and offer the same functionality as sofas. Paired up with a few stool tables, a love seat can provide you with a full guest area.

Extending Tables and Foldable Chairs

Dining tables are mostly large and hefty furniture pieces that take a lot of room and strength to move. The biggest downside to traditional six-seater dining tables is that space isn’t fully utilized every single day. This problem is easily resolved with gate-leg and extending tables.

Gate-leg tables fit into highly limited spaces, and with both leaves down converts into a slim console table. Meanwhile, extending tables are a small four-seater table until an extension leaf is added.


Only a few things are worse than painstakingly relocating heavy furniture during your moving process. Cleaning up the clutter is one of them. Keeping all your stuff organized in light storage furniture items is a great way to ensure hassle-free packing and unpacking.

Adding a few small bookcases to you bedroom and living room can offer ample organizing space for your accents and books. Issues with space and relocation may arise if you opt for a sizeable one-unit bookcase whereas small pieces offer you the liberty to position them as you please.

This tip also applies to the chest of drawers. It is more convenient to invest in a few small dressers instead of a large and hefty one.

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