It can be difficult to throw caution to the wind and invest in daring furniture. Going with the usual neutral colours like black, beige, and white feel safe, and you will never feel like you have made the wrong decision if you go with something safe. Buying outside the box can be liberating though, and transform your space into something beyond chic and elevate your living room to Pinterest worthy levels. Here are five colourful couch ideas that we think will look amazing in your home.


Blue is a fantastic colour to go with if you want to be daring but are still a little nervous about it. This is because it is bold while simultaneously serene. Blue works best with lighter coloured walls, which help it pop without melding into the background with other deeper colours. It should also be the most prominent colour in the colour palette you are using in the room.


Yes, charcoal is a neutral colour, but in the right space, it can really add a pop. If you have a very light coloured room, then you need some contrast colour in there. Charcoal, with some other brightly coloured accents, is the perfect piece for if you have throw pillows, blankets or a rug that you want to feature. While neutral, it is still interesting and will shine brightly in a room that falls on the lighter end of the colour spectrum.


We are not talking bright yellow mustard that you would find on a ballpark hot dog. We are talking a more subdued, refined mustard yellow. A pop of colour that is just on the bright side of neutral. This is an anchor colour, and it works in industrial, modern, and contemporary settings. It can also be a great colour to reupholster classic furniture. Mustard is great because it is an anchor colour without completely overwhelming the space. It pairs beautifully with other shades, including blue, grey, black, and dark brown.


Green is the colour of sophistication and intellect. It really is underutilized as a colour for furniture but can add so much to space. As an accent colour, it works perfectly, and in a room that is already filled with deep and warm wood colours, it matches seamlessly. Gold, purple, and marbled white are also great palettes to pair emerald with.


Pink is especially daring and may not be the right option for everyone. For those who want a real pop of colour though, pink is the right way to go! Often used in a room that is predominately white or light blue, a pink sofa will draw all eyes. Having a pink couch will make you look confident and in control.

Where You Can These Colourful Couches

The team at Interiors Furniture Galleries know that you can be bold enough to take a risk on your living room furniture. Whether you go with accent chairs or accent furniture, our designer furniture will make your space shine. Come in today and see the different options that we have and take the plunge into daring colour choices with us.