When it comes to decorating, the colours you choose can make or break the overall appearance of the room. When decorating with coloured furniture pieces, you must keep in mind that the colours need to complement each other so that the final result is worth the investment. Sometimes, experimenting with colours can be a little risky which is why we are bringing a colour mixing guide that you can follow.

Here are some furniture colours that go together:

1) Black and White = Forever A Classic

The combination of black and white is very glamorous and has always had an air of sophistication. If you want to add an element of mystery, you can do mostly black with hints of white throughout the room.

2) Black and White with a Twist of Green

For some, black and white can end up looking slightly monotonous, especially in rooms of the house like the bedroom, where a warmer colour would be a nice touch. One colour is green. The combination of black, white and green is chic and warm – perfect for a bedroom!

3) A Complement of Red, Grey and White

Red is considered to be a gorgeous colour but it can be overpowering if used too much. This is why a little of red, combined with a nice white and grey, makes for a captivating palette of colours when it comes to furniture.

4) Regal Purple and White

Purple has always been known as a royal colour and is often associated with luxury. If you blend it with white, it can end up looking very charming and cozy.

5) Blues and Greens with a Beige Accent

Working with complementary colours can be risky, but if you want to give them an experiment, working with analogous colours such as blue and green is a safe option. You can then introduce a third colour such as beige to offset the two for a nice overall look.

6) Turquoise and Pink

This is a colour combination often associated with little girls but it’s definitely charming for those who want to do some decorating that leans more towards the feminine side.

7) Cheerful Orange with Bright White

Orange is a vibrant colour, and if you want to have the right balance for it, you can complement it with white – which is a great option for a boy’s bedroom or a tasteful living room.

8) Teal with Neutral Colours

Teal is another colour associated with royalty and has a strong impact which can be toned down if paired with neutrals such as brown, off-white and beige.

9) Yellow and Grey Combination

Yellow is considered an energetic colour, while grey is considered a dull one. However, when combined, the colours provide a nice, tasteful combination with an element of warmth.

10) Bold Neons

This is for those who truly want to be bold with their furniture. Embracing neon pinks and greens in a room might be a bit of a risk, but if done correctly, could turn out looking pretty neat!