Your home is your safe haven, so it’s important that you keep as much pollution and chemical out of it as possible. Many of your household items can carry toxic chemicals that will negatively affect your health. However, turning your space into an eco-friendly zone will help to reduce those effects, and here’s how.

Add Plants

Synthetic products are usually the culprits that release volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into your space. The harmful toxins build up in enclosed spaces, which is why it’s important to fill your space with plants, as they’re cheap ways to filter out the chemicals. The plants will absorb the chemicals and release a harmless by-product.

Embrace Older Furniture

Not only to reusing older, second-hand furniture keep it out of landfills, but new furniture often contains chemicals that can seep into your space over time. You’re less likely to experience that with vintage and retro furniture specifically, as it’s typically free of toxic chemicals.

Use Low VOC Paints

Paint is a popular culprit when it comes to the emission of VOCs within your home. These compounds can cause serious health issues if inhaled for long periods of time. However, there are many paints on the market that have low to no VOCs present. If you’re thinking about repainting your living room, make sure the one you choose is safe for you and your family.

Use Curtains to Control Room Temperatures

Using curtains and window treatments can easily fix a drafty or hot room. They insulate your living room, blocking out cold air while keeping any heat from escaping. They’re also effective at keeping the sun’s rays from heating the room, reducing your need to turn on the air conditioning.

Avoid Wall-to-Wall Carpeting

The scent emitted from freshly installed carpeting is probably the most toxic within your home. The aroma that new carpeting gives off can cause eye and respiratory tract irritation, severe enough to affect the central nervous system. The carpets adhesive contains benzene and toluene, harmful VOCs that can be avoided. Instead, install greener materials like stone, concrete, bamboo, wood or tile.

Increase Ventilation

Windows today are made with energy efficiency in mind. However, they seal your home up so well that it prevents any indoor chemicals and toxins from escaping to the outdoors. It is recommended that you open your windows and doors regularly to encourage fresh air circulation, even during the colder months.

Be Mindful of Burning Candles

While candles add a relaxing glow to any space, burning them can release diesel fumes, metals and chemical fragrances into your home. Some candles can emit more than 100 VOCs, some of which are toxic. However, there are natural candles made of soy or beeswax that are safe to burn on a daily basis.

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