Matching wall colour to furniture colour isn’t rocket science, so don’t stress yourself out. Here are a few tips to help make sure the room you’re designing looks sharp. The only thing you need is your personal taste and maybe a colour wheel (which you can buy or find online)

Find the Mood

Sometimes, the best place to start with interior decorating is not colour, but how you want it to feel. If you think about the mood you want to evoke when someone enters a room, it becomes easier to come up with the right colour scheme. Is this a relaxing living room with comfortable furniture and warm lighting? Is it a modern kitchen that screams cleanliness and efficiency? Certain colours convey certain feelings. A quick internet search can help you find the best mood/colour combination.

Look at Your Furniture

Another approach is to take a favourite piece of furniture and use that for the colour scheme of your room. If the furniture has a solid colour, use a matching colour from a colour wheel to paint the walls. Make sure it’s not the exact same colour or it may look bland or boring.

If your furniture contains a pattern, choose the dominant colour in the pattern and find a colour that matches. Or, look for the least dominant colour and take your wall colour from there. If you go with this route, the furniture colour will be tie together with the wall colour without looking obvious.

Look at Your Room

There’s an old rule out there that says you should decorate small rooms with light colours and large rooms with dark colours. While you should stick to this rule, accenting a single wall with a dark colour can look quite striking. But don’t go all in on this from the beginning. You can paint a small section of a wall with your chosen dark colour to see if you like it before making a hard commitment.

Don’t Ever Be Afraid To Change Your Mind

Oftentimes, the final result isn’t quite what you pictured in your mind. The paint can look different from the colour swatch you saw at the store, you might have forgotten about a piece of furniture, or it might just look wrong. We want you to know that it’s more than okay to change your mind. After all, you have to live in your home every day.