Picking up that perfect sofa for your space should be very a satisfying experience. However, it can be quite a task. More than ever there seem to be endless options out there. A lot of them are truly attractive, that should be a good thing and if you take into consideration a few pointers it will be a lot of fun.

Most of these gorgeous new styles will work in a certain space, but will it work for you, your family, your room?

I always ask my clients to take their time, to be critical, and definitely try all the ones they are considering. Sit in them, spend a few minutes, stretch if you like, after all that is what you will be doing at home.

It is your main piece in the room and it should work for you.

However, Before You Start Your Quest:

Consider your space first. How big is your space? Take your measurements and think about how many people are using the room at the time, how much seating do you need? Do you need a sectional piece or single sofa and some chairs?

It really should fit and feel almost natural in your room, if the proportions are right.   

An ideal sofa should make the room inviting and not overwhelm the space. By the same token feel free to actually use the given space. What I mean is, just because it is a small condo, it will not be made to look bigger using doll-sized furniture. Perhaps it should be made to feel and look cozy with the right proportion and using useful and practical, comfortable pieces. Then you will love your space.

Fabric or leather is another choice and very personal one at that.

Textures and colors are almost the last things to focus on and with a large spectrum lots to choose from. Neutrals are dominant and all shades of Gray are now “new” neutrals, there are many ways to add a bit of your favourite color in the accents.

Traditional, transitional, or modern often it is best to go with your heart and let your trusted consultant share a few pointers on how to mix some old and some new for a truly one of a kind look for your home.