Furniture trends are always changing. Every year we are introduced to new colour schemes and furniture options that we can choose from.

When it comes to furniture, modern styles are trending towards the natural and pieces are both simple and bold. Complicated designs may have been popular in the past but are no longer sought after and minimalism is taking over when it comes to furniture design and interior space. One of the more popular options is neutral furniture pieces combined with deep colours on the walls, which produces very stylish results. This combination is modern and elegant and you will create a beautiful space that is perfect for the New Year. You can also choose to do the opposite by painting the walls with neutral coloured paints and combine it with bright pieces of furniture to complement them. As long as your furniture pieces are simple you will be following the new trend.

Muted pastels are also very popular because these tones work with almost any colour palette and can easily be used in a minimalist setting. Going forward, simple designs are what’s stylish and bulky, over-the-top pieces of furniture are a thing of the past as are complicated designs, which may have been popular at one point but are no longer considered trendy. Basic designs are currently in demand and create a feeling of elegance, so keep this in mind when shopping for furniture in the New Year.

Metallic tones will also be popular in the New Year and can be used for décor or furniture. Chrome furniture, in particular, is a great choice because it’s bold and will contrast nicely with deep wall colours to create an elegant room that is also very stylish. Chrome will also complement both pastel and neutral shades, so it’s a great option to consider overall.

Another option to consider is wood furniture, which complements deep wall colours very well. The key to this particular type of furniture is picking just a few items and keeping it simple so that it doesn’t become overwhelming. The wood material is a great option when you need something to contrast the deeper colour of your walls and with all the beautiful options available, you’ll have no trouble finding the pieces you want.

Of course, in order to find the right furniture, you need a store that can provide you with options and Interiors Furniture Galleries in Vaughan has something for everyone. You will find exactly what you’re after when you visit our furniture store regardless of what your style preferences may be. We offer solid wood furniture pieces and much more, so if you’re in the Vaughan Mills area, come and visit us today because no matter which room you’re decorating or the type of furniture design you’re after we have it all. Don’t waste time visiting multiple furniture stores when we can provide you with everything you want!