Glass coffee tables are a fantastic way of opening up your space. They give smaller areas the appearance of being larger and always add a touch of elegance. They are surprisingly sturdy, and the chances of one breaking or shattering are very slim. You will never end up with watermarks from someone not uses a coaster, they are very easy to clean and go with any other furniture and colour scheme that you have. If you are in the market for a glass coffee table, there are so many types. Here are six different coffee tables that we think you should consider when you redecorate your living space.


If you have a room with a dark and earthy vibe to it then bright, perfectly clear glass may not be the right fit. In this case, the tinted glass looks tremendous and does a bit better of a job at hiding fingerprints. A black glass coffee table has a retro feel to it and makes a room cozier instead of opening it up the way clear glass does.


If you have a glass coffee table, then it is a great way to highlight some exciting table design. Complex and artistic geometric table legs are very popular, and with a glass coffee table-top you can show them off. Tables like this are very contemporary and can be good accent pieces for minimalist spaces.


Glass coffee tables are generally very good at fading into space and lending themselves to other accent pieces. If you want to make a statement with your glass coffee table though, then you can go with an industrial design. Bold metal frames with harsh lines create a powerful statement that you can build your room around.


A circular glass coffee table is a great way to draw the eye. It creates a sense of balance and harmony in your space and will take a room that is otherwise a little bland and lacking life and make it interesting. Mixing shapes, like mixing patterns, can be really beneficial.


The great thing about glass coffee tables is they can be designed to attract attention or to detract from themselves. If you just need a coffee table for the function of it, but you are not looking for a statement piece, then there are very attractive and slender glass coffee tables that will suit your needs. Often made with a more subtle metal bracket and legs, a slender glass coffee table will serve its purpose without taking away from other statement pieces you may have in your room.


Mirrored chrome metal accents are a great way to elevate a glass table. The reflective edges will go with any style of the room and can take a space lacking sophistication and make it elegant.
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