Many people choose to display artwork in their home as a uniquely personal aspect of their residence. Not only is it something to enhance the attractiveness of the property, but it helps to make a statement about your personality. Unfortunately, the majority of individuals miss the opportunity to showcase art by failing to follow certain picture hanging regulations. This article will provide information on the top five picture hanging pitfalls and how to avoid them.

1) Hanging the Picture Too High

Arguably the most common mistake people make when hanging a piece of art is to hang the item too high on the wall. While this may not seem to be an issue, pictures that are not at eye level or that one needs to strain to see are not comfortable for viewing. Of course, each person is different; however, the average human eye level has been measured to be approximately 57 inches. It is recommended that artwork is positioned at this level to create a consistent appearance throughout the house.

2) Size Does Not Matter

Believe it or not, size does matter when choosing the correct artwork for a room. Art that is too small maybe “swallowed” by larger spaces; however, art that is overly bulky may provide a disproportionate appearance. Choosing the correct furnishings for a room is essential to create a suitable and harmonious composition with the art on display.

3) Not Having a Plan

Many people feel that spontaneity and random positioning of pictures can be beneficial for hanging art, but this is not true. In fact, effective hanging of artwork is seen when the individual has a specific plan for the task. Investing time for hanging preparation can save you a headache in the long run despite being somewhat time-consuming.

To prepare for hanging artwork, it is recommended that you lay the pictures on the floor before positioning them on the walls. This will allow you to observe the art in conjunction with the furnishings and make any necessary modifications. Begin with the largest items and build around this until you have formed a pleasing arrangement.

4) Not Using the Correct Tools

One of the most important tips for the suitable hanging of artwork is to use the correct tools. By selecting the proper tools, you will be able to keep the art secure on the walls. Sadly, this is a step that is often overlooked due to people’s desire for the immediate hanging of art. To identify the most suitable tool for artwork, it is important to consider the weight of the piece and take it from there.

5) Practice Restraint

This is a difficult lesson to learn, particularly if you are an art lover. Remember that not all walls need to be covered with art, and it is vital that one practice restraint when hanging artwork. By leaving empty spaces between the art, it is possible to give the eye a rest and place focus on the more important pieces.

While hanging artwork is not an exact science, there are certain tips that can make this process more efficient and help avoid any mistakes.