Your living room is just what the name implies – the room you live in. You’ll spend the majority of your (waking) time in your living room, so why not create something that you’ll love to spend time in!

Before you can even begin to craft your perfect chill space, the first thing to think about is your budget. Are you going to be using furniture you’ve accrued year after year, or is it time for a change? Buying new furniture is going to be expensive, but it might just be the thing to save your living room feng shui.

Figure Out Your Style

Would you describe your home decor as a Pennsylvania Dutch or Scandinavian Contemporary? Maybe you’re more Art Deco rather than Retro? Whichever your choice is, you need to be conscious of this, and do your best not to mix styles too much. Without a solid idea of style, you’ll find yourself in a mishmash of contrasting and clashing views.

Focal Point

Creating a focal point can be one of the most important – but often overlooked – aspects of your living space. Without a well-placed television or entertainment set, you’ll find your guests utterly confused, unable to carry on conversations, maybe even sitting on furniture backwards! Okay – it won’t be that bad. But you’ll be missing out on a vital aspect of your living space that will pull all of your choices together. It won’t be awful without, but it will amaze when you do have a focal point.

Where is Your Light Coming From?

You’ve put your TV across from your window. It looks great, but you’ll start to notice that your screen will be blocked by reflections from the window, right in the middle of playoff season! Where is your light coming from? A rookie mistake is putting a screen across from your open window – sure, you’ll be giving your neighbours a view of your sweet new 70”, but you won’t be able to see it on Football Sundays.

Travel Space

Awesome, you’ve put together a bunch of amazing looking furniture… but now how do I get to the couch?! Without a clear way to move about, you’ll find yourself tripping over tables or stubbing your toe on a misplaced Ottoman. Don’t be the friend who has to rearrange your couches just to fit an extra two people, when you can use the space for good!

Finishing Touches

Throwing a rug in can make things a bit comfier! You might find some cute pillows that can work on your couches, but watch out! There’s nothing worse than a guest sitting awkwardly on the edge of your couch, not wanting to move the 13 pillows you’ve miraculously stacked. We recommend two to three functional and comfortable pillows. Your guests will be happy they don’t need to balance like a cat on a fence, and you’ll be happy your neck won’t be hurting after a quick cat-nap yourself!