If you are an owner of mostly dark furniture, and are looking for a way to create a bright space with the purchase of new furniture in complement to what you may have now, you’ve come to the right spot! Furniture and reupholstering can require creativity, especially if you have a fondness for darker coloured furniture so instead of forgoing purchasing dark furniture entirely, learn to use them wisely. Here are some designs tricks that can create a bright space with dark furniture.

Choose Drapes in Complementary Colours

Having drapes in complementary colours to the dark furniture can really make the room pop. For example, if you have dark navy furniture, consider going for light grey or bright yellow drapes.

Paint Your Walls White

If you have dark furniture, they will actually warm up the white walls rather than making it seem cold and unfeeling. Add some white throughout the room as well, through bedding and accessories. A flattering way to do this is to do it in varying shades of white.

Or Paint Your Walls A Bright Colour

Dark brown and grey furniture can have a dramatic (but flattering) impact on bright wall colours and ceilings. Just make sure the colours you choose complement the colour of the furniture. For example, an apple green colour against dark grey furniture can do wonders.

Purchase an Accent Chair

Pick up an accent chair! There are many options out there that can suit your vision needs and it will bring an instant brightness to any living space.

Fix Your Lighting

Darker furniture does lead to a darker space in general, so you want to make sure that you have good ambient lighting throughout the room to help brighten it. This can be done with an effective combination of overhead lights and lamps.

Colourful Throw Pillows

Throw some vibrant coloured and patterned throw pillows on any dark furniture and it will immediately brighten up the upholstery.

Be Creative with Rugs

Be bold with the rugs that you choose. A white rug, for example, would look great against dark furniture and adds an instant light to the space. However, if you think the upkeep of a white rug may be too much of a hassle, opt for a colourful rug instead. This will bring the same amount of brightness as a white rug but will be easier to maintain.

Natural Lighting

Take advantage of any natural lighting that you have. They will do wonders for darker furniture, so if you’re in a room that has windows, open the shades and bring in the sunlight.