Your bedroom is your personal space. Unlike other areas of your home where everyone congregates, your bedroom is your den where you seek solace and relaxation. Creating visual appeal in your bedroom is as critical as practical storage to help you unwind.

A clean, minimalistic approach lets you breathe easy. A cozy look with heavy drapes can help you sleep undisturbed. Soothing wall colors lend soft sophistication. And then there is the vanity to add wow to your corner!

Your vanity is the second most important piece of furniture beside your bed in your bedroom that reflects the inner you. It also helps you keep things tidy and pretty. If your vanity takes up too much space, your bedroom will look cluttered even if you put away all your knick-knacks in the drawers. You need the right size in the right style for the right bedroom look. Interiors Furniture Galleries offers you a few helpful tips to look at the vanity in a new light.

Vanity Styles to Suit Your Taste

  • Vintage Vanity: A vanity can be more than a storage unit for your makeup and earrings. It can be the focal point of your room that transform the look from simple to extraordinary. A vintage piece with a deep chest of drawers can make your bedroom look plush and luxurious. Install inbuilt vanity lights to make dressing up easier. Light scented candles in glass candleholders when you are not using the lights.
  • Slim and Sleek: If you are looking for a clean space or do not use much makeup, a sleek vanity with fewer drawers could be more your style. Consider a large mirror with a slim cabinet to expand the area. A mirror placed on a wall opposite a window with a view can reflect greenery, making your bedroom look more inviting.
  • Modern Elegance: Don’t really need a mirror with your vanity? Place a piece of artwork against the wall behind the dressing table. Black lacquered surfaces create an elegant base for a vase of summer blooms on one side and a tray of trinkets on the other. Arranging jewellery, hair clips or makeup on a tray somehow make clutter look more organized. Don’t restrict flowers for guest visits. Seasonal blooms transform your bedroom from just a room to sleep into a pretty place that brings joy.
  • Mid Century Multi-Level Vanity: For a touch of old world charm, place silver boxes on your vanity containing your pearls. Consider white and gold, shades of grey or cream. Subdued colours holding one or two antique pieces can make the simplest bedroom look classy. Place a lampshade for a romantic touch. Organize your jewellery on beautiful jewellery stands. Never keep clumps of necklaces or piles of earrings lying around on your dresser. However, beautiful your bedroom is, a messy vanity ruins the effect. Jewellery boxes with multiple compartments help you store your precious possessions neatly so you never have to look for the other earring in a pair.
  • Wall-Mounted Vanity: If space is limited, look out for functional wall mounted vanities. Keep a picture frame or artifact on the table between the drawers. Make sure the drawers don’t hit your head!

Interiors Furniture Galleries for Wonderful Vanities in Vaughan

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